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New, Used and Reconditioned Equipment, Batteries and Racking to Fit All Your Material Handling Needs


Daily, Weekly and Long Term Equipment and Battery Rentals Available


Experienced Service Technicians To Service Your Material Handling Equipment and Preventative Maintenance

Protecting Your Forklift Investment

With any operation, no matter how large or small, one of your major overhead expenses is the acquisition of material handling equipment and the related maintenance costs.

It is our goal to ensure your forklift equipment will operate to its fullest potential, not only each time an operator starts a shift, but for years to come.

That’s why at Guardian Material Handling our mission statement is simply stated “Protecting Your Forklift Investment”. GMH will achieve this through Preventative Maintenance Repairs, Proper Lubrication and the Utilization of all Adjustments.


Guardian Material Handling, Inc.

Guardian Material Handling, Inc. is a family owned, independent business dedicated to protecting your forklift investment and building strong business relationships with our customers.

We offer personalized timely service at your location or at our shop if in shop repairs are needed, maintenance, parts and forklift and scissor lift rentals at very competitive rates. Plus, we do not just stop there, we also will network with our vendors to help you reduce costs on issues with the building including but not limited to racking, docks & door repairs, battery & battery handling systems, recycling of your cardboard and paper products, pallets and any other areas where we can help.

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